Directories Advice

The documents listed below are a small selection of an extensive volume of legal directories-related resources and material which I have developed over the last 15 years. The material is constantly updated to reflect the latest thinking and trends.

For firms with which I have an ongoing relationship, the material is usually free of charge. For other law firms, I am happy to share one document free of charge. I offer access to all material for a fixed annual fee.

Contact me for more details on prices.


Guide to Client References

A newly updated 12-page guide to legal directory client references.

Among others, includes: background to client research, what directories look for, how the process works, selecting and allocating references, forewarning clients, improving response rates, hitting deadlines, and timing your client communications.

Legal Directory Interviews: A Comprehensive Guide

A good performance in a legal directory interview can make a difference to how the directories perceive your firm, which in combination with other factors, can help to influence the rankings.

This 20-page advisory covers everything to do with legal directory interviews.

Among other things, we discuss: what directories look for; how different directories approach interviews; which attorneys should represent the practice; should marketing be on the call; preparing attorney interviewees; interview approaches; pushing for a higher ranking; and interview follow-up.

Lawyers: How to Prepare For a Legal Directory Interview

Aimed at lawyers who are about to be interviewed by a legal directory researcher over the telephone.

This short two-page document helps lawyers get in the right frame of mind for the call.

It describes the key features of a legal directory interview, what the interviewee can expect, plus advice on how to approach the call to make it productive for the lawyer and the researcher.

Law Firm Marketers: Prepare For The 2013-4 U.S Directory Season

A 25-page advisory on how to prepare for the 2013-14 U.S legal directory season.

The guide contains numerous organizational tips to help you hit those submission deadlines, make the legal directories process smoother, and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

For U.S law firm in-house marketing, communications and business development professionals.