ReinventLaw London 2013


On Friday June 13 2013 I attended the Reinvent Law conference in London.

Reinvent Law is a continuation of last year’s LawTechCamp London, organized by the same team at Michigan State University Law SchoolDaniel Katz and Renee Newman – and the University of Westminster.

For the unfamiliar, the event is inspired by the modern BarCamp/Unconference style – as distinct from the traditional corporate conference format.

The conference speeches are short and come thick and fast; and, in contrast to the over-inflated prices you see at most conferences, the event is free of charge.

My business focus is mainly the upper end of the commercial legal market, whereas the discussion at Reinvent Law is mainly consumer focused.

However, since most of the innovation takes places in the consumer sector, it’s inevitable that some of it will filter upwards.

Of course, not all the futurist predictions will come to pass, but the energy around the conference is stimulating.

I particularly like the American and international influence at Reinvent Law.

The largest and most established events aside, conferences are often local in flavor, as few organizers can afford the time, effort and money to convince large numbers of overseas-based speakers and attendees to travel long distances.

As a Brit who has lived and worked in the U.S, and who regularly works with U.S law firms, I find the transatlantic dimension attractive.

Americans have a unique ability to energize proceedings in a way that rather self-effacing Brits (some exceptions, aside) do not, and I like the uplifting calls to action that their presence at this event provided.

There’s much to learn from each other.

Some of the more impatient American commentators look hopefully at the abundant opportunities caused by the liberalization of the UK legal sector.

However, the direction the U.S takes will heavily influence the global profession.

The U.S is still the largest legal market in the world by some distance – accounting for anything from 50% to 70% of the global US$ 800 billion market.

For more on the event, check the Twitter hashtag #ReInventLaw.

The Time Blawg has a good review of the event.

I believe the speeches will soon be available online.

The next Reinvent Law takes place in New York in November 2013.

If the organizers are reading, I would love to hear Scott Greenfield speak.

(Pictured: food was available this year)


  1. James Booker says

    Thanks for the link to the Time Blawg piece, sounded like it was a good event!

    I agree, sometimes the US guys just seem to have that little bit more get-up-and-go than us Brits!

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